Prestige offers a complete range of vendor-managed inventory solutions that enable businesses to enhance their value proposition whether it’s enhancing product delivery through meticulous supply planning or minimizing shipment costs via proficient logistics, we assist you in improving outcomes.

Inventory Management

At Prestige, we add value to inventory management by ensuring businesses have knowledge of what they possess, where it’s located, and how much is required. Our multi-echelon strategy helps prevent stock-outs and increase supply efficiency in a globally connected market. With extensive experience in inventory management for leading companies across the country, we employ exceptional processes and efficient tools to streamline inventory. These services include: 

  • Inventory Planning & Forecasting
  • Replenishment Services
  • Inventory Cost Assessment
  • Lean Initiatives


At Prestige, we are devoted to delivering high-speed, personalized bagging and packing solutions that streamline your supply of crucial components during storage, transportation, and use. We employ techniques to ensure that they are sealed from dust, dirt, and moisture.

We will sort, count, and bag your components in a variety of shapes and sizes, providing convenient access to meet the demands of your project. We understand the importance of keeping the parts you rely on secure and safe, which is why we provide flexible, precise, and timely solutions at Prestige. You can trust that your components are in good hands.

Light Assembly

At Prestige, we understand that managing small assembly projects can be challenging, especially when dealing with labor shortages and space constraints. We undertake your small assembly projects to help alleviate these issues.

Our assembly process transforms your multipart challenges into single component solutions. Our engineering specialists work closely with you to understand the complexities of your project and develop a solution that meets your objectives

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